75 Social Bookmarking Submission to Popular Social Media Sites


Service Code DBS75
Service Total Submission 75
Service Days 5
Service Report 1

Dedicated Social Bookmarking to 75 popular social media sites like digg, propeller and delicious using dedicated accounts created for you.

Project Duration: Get 75 effective bookmarkings done in most popular social media sites with fresh 75 user accounts created for you in just 5 working days.

Our benefits: The user accounts of each social media site and the bookmarking URL will be made available in the report.

A maximum of 5 different titles, descriptions and tags will be used to make the bookmarkings look unique.

Package Required Data

Title : What details are needed for social bookmarking?

– Title (Up to 60 Characters) you can give varied (5) titles
– URL to be submitted
– Description (Up to 250 Characters)
– Keywords or Tags (10)
– Category

Frequently Asked Question